+ What is Anothen Herbals?

Herbal remedies created by Anothen are strictly speaking not considered as tea.

The correct way to consider our blends are as forms of herbal infusion, herbal brew or tisane.

The intricately designed herbal blends do not contain any tea leaves and are 100% naturally caffeine free.

For those of you who are worried about tea or coffee that will affect your gut health and sleep quality, switch to Anothen Herbals as a healthier alternative!

100% natural | 100% herbal | 100% naturally caffeine free | No tea leaves | vegan

+ Where is our tea made?

Right here in Australia!

We only accept the highest quality! All Anothen herbal tea are proudly made in Australia, with finest certified herbs, i.e. EUROFINS certified.

+ What is Eurofins certified herbs?

EUROFINS certified herbs have been certified by EUROFINS Germany and are tested for pesticides, sulfur and other heavy metal contaminants.

We use certified herbs to ensure all herbs come from a natural, clean and safe environment. This is our way of ensuring all our herbs are clean and safe for consumption!

+ Is it safe for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women to drink our tea

Chinese herbal remedies only allow certain herbs for pregnancy use. Ask your nearest Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner!

For all our tea range, please read the labels carefully and consult a medical doctor for any concerns.

+ How to prepare the tea?

Easy! Brew or infuse.

Check the serving suggestions for your chosen herbal blend in our Shop Now menu or on the label of the packaging.

Brewing on a stove:

  • We recommend all herbal remedies that require brewing on a stove to use non-metallic pots. This is the traditional way of brewing TCM remedies to avoid any chemical reactions with metals.
  • Feel free to brew double or triple the portion (depending on the recommended daily dosage) for convenience. This is handy for enjoying your tea while you are out and about.

Infusion in teapots/teacups:

  • Simply place the recommended serving in your teapot/teacup and pour over with boiling water.
  • The longer you infuse it for and the more blends you use, the stronger the taste and the effect.
  • Although not a tea, our blends can still be infused more than once for consumption. Simply by adding extra hot boiled water. Do use the fresh portion if the regimen requires, for the best results possible!
  • Again, feel free to infuse a whole day's portion for convenience, so that you can carry a thermos filled with the infusion while you are out and about.

+ How to drink the tea?

As we cannot stress this enough, TCM remedies must be consumed when slightly warmer than warm (unless otherwise specified). Do check the temperature to suit your ingestion and be aware to not burn yourself!!

If you have brewed or infused the herbal blend for a whole day's consumption, you may leave it in the fridge or somewhere cool. However, make sure to heat it up (either on a stove or in a microwave) before drinking.

However our Cognitea is a special blend that is purposely designed to enjoy in a variety of ways, such as, hot, warm, cold and icy! It is for you to enjoy all season round!

+ How long does the tea last?

One year after opening the pack. Please use the resealble ziplock bag and keep in a dry and cool area.

We highly recommend to stick to the regimen as specified for each herbal blend to get the most beneficial results.

We recommend freshly brewed/infused tea, therefore brew/infuse a day's portion and finish it on that day!

+ Does ANothen ship worldwide?

Yes, we do!

+ Can I return or refund goods that I have purchased

We take pride in ensuring the highest grade and best quality of our ingredients and products. Due to hygiene reasons, we do not accept return or refund of ingested food and beverage products.

But there is always room for improvements, and we welcome your feedback. Please email us on info@anothenherbals.