What is Anothen?

Anothen means from the beginning.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated from the creation of nature. The ancestry of TCM practise began three generations ago in our founder Joanna’s family.

To honour this great heritage and gift from nature, Anothen believes the richness of TCM does not belong to a family or a culture, but, it belongs to the greater humanity.

  • Our passion is to empower the creation of nature, by delivering the finest herbal remedies.

  • Our mission is to uncover the wisdom and flourish the science within.

  • Our vision is to continue a tradition and share the secret of health without barriers in families around the world to benefit more generations to come!



Our story

Growing up, I have always been inspired by my grandfather; a well-respected doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has successfully treated thousands of patients over several decades in China. His secret is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has over 5000 years of history in bringing wellness to people. The family legacy continues through my mother in New Zealand today. As a third generation I have witnessed and experienced first-hand of the extraordinary medical results within my family.

When I was in primary school, one of my grandfather’s patients had been bed-bound for many years. She had many health complications, one of which included diabetes. When her husband discovered an un-healing wound, he brought her to the hospital and was suggested by the doctors to receive an amputation. Her husband was devastated by the news and had the confidence that my grandfather could “fix it”. My grandfather told the couple that the wound was not healing due to her diabetic condition. He then provided our home-made TCM blend to them. After the wound was healed, the husband couldn’t stop expressing his appreciation and excitement. I can still vividly remember those words he said to my grandfather - “You have miraculous hands!”

Through the years, I have heard these words on countless occasions when it comes to my grandfather’s medical expertise and secret formulas.

Blessed by Heaven, I suffered from a condition called Endometriosis. I may have previously witnessed and experienced my grandfather’s healings, but none of which were comparable to an intimate experience of a debilitating, chronic condition! When I finally managed to open-up, my grandfather treated my condition with one of his secret TCM recipes. And, of course, I was cured! This recipe had and is continuing to receive success from other girls and women today.

Since I was little my grandfather has been sharing his secrets with me. He has also taught me that Traditional Chinese Medicine should not be constrained in Chinese culture. TCM conveys the celestial wisdom which is given to us by the creation of nature. It should always belong to the world, to humanity!

I have always been inspired by my grandfather’s generosity. I have always been aspired to bridge the cultural and language barrier. After studying modern health science, I decided to unveil my family’s extensive repertoire of powerful TCM recipes to our global community.

As the third generation, I have created Anothen, a passion and a mission to bridge the gap - by extracting the essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, turning it into accessible remedies and approaches to each household around the world. Anothen endeavours to shift the paradigm of a traditional medicine in this modern world to benefit your health and your future children’s.

Anothen brings a new beginning in wellness!


Why us?

Expert formulated and approved

  • It is difficult to have access to authentic and effective TCM remedies in a modern world as it has been lost between generations.

    Our herbal blends are approved and intricately formulated by a family of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors with decades of experience and repeated clinical success. Our generations-old recipes are secret family blends which you will not have access to elsewhere.

High quality safe ingredients

  • We take great pride in sourcing ethically clean ingredients for safety of usage and effectiveness of health benefits.

    We ensure our herbs are sourced locally in Melbourne or certified in Germany for the finest quality and highest grade!

Readily accessible

  • We understand there is a global community that has a deep desire to access TCM and will receive great benefit from it.

    So we make our products in readily accessible forms, suitable to your modern lifestyle.