We run workshops and provide a number of services which include


Wholesale of Herbal Teas:

We supply our blends to leading health and wellness centres, resorts, retreats, cafes, health food shops and whole food stores across Australia and overseas. We source a range of premium ingredients locally that are EUROFINS certified in Germany to ensure the highest quality raw ingredients are grown as mother nature intended. That’s why we choose a highly regarded certification to ensure the safety of the raw ingredients and to uphold the prestige of traditional medicines to bring them into your home.


As an experienced caterer, we provide tea catering at many events such as conferences, seminars, weddings, baby showers and festivals. We can provide specialty blends, custom blends and tailored catering services according to your wishes. We have a team of dedicated and friendly staff to serve your guests with our delicious and nutritious herbal blends.

Education and Training:

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a fine science. As a pioneer in this field, our desire is to pass on the authenticity of this culture and tradition to all, so the legacy is shared beyond the Anothen family. Anothen has a passion for sharing the goodness and richness to every household, which you can find a number of workshops under our Events page. Joanna can also provide private workshops for a minimum of 10 people which will be tailored to your group’s needs.

Workplace Wellbeing Workshop:

With the enormous amount of modern day stress at workplaces, homes and everywhere you are, we provide workshops of wellbeing education, training and herbal blend catering to council your team in a fun and interactive environment to reduce stress and fatigue, yet achieve work-life balance as a grandparent, parent, in-law, husband/wife, full-time/part-time student or whatever your role is and however many roles you have in your daily routine. These workshops are designed to enhance your cognitive function, improve immunity and increase productivity on an individual and collective basis in the long run.

Health & Wellness Consultants and Infrastructure Set Up:

We use our knowledge to consult for many wellness centres such as yoga and Pilates centres, gyms, wellness retreats and a wide range of wellbeing centres. We provide training and guidance to your staff to ensure the understanding of authentic Traditional Chinese herbal brew and its encapsulated purposes. We also assist in getting and setting up the infrastructure for your shop/centre to provide your customers with the best healthy journey!

Custom Herbal Blends:

There’s a reason why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal blends have continued in practise for over 5000 years from generation to generation, from country to country, from culture to culture. Anothen has an extensive repertoire of TCM remedies from our rich history and has applied it to a modern context. Our product offering is only the tip of an iceberg. To uncover more and create a custom blend for your company, shop, cafe, resort, wedding, family or yourself, we can work with you to develop the perfect beginning for you!

If you’re interested in any of the above, please email us on info@anothenherbals.com for more information.